1. defies norms, boundaries, and expectations; different from what is “usual.”
2. an artist / director duo based in los angeles.

Ella Lentini Headshot

@ellatheoddflower  they/she

Ella graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School with an individualized degree in “Screenwriting As a Weapon” before working closely under an Academy Award nominated commercial director, writing treatments for major commercial production companies, and co-starring in their award-winning directorial debut, Piece of Cake.

Ghosty Headshot

@ghostytheoddflower  they/he/it

Ghosty graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where he studied music and tech, building a strong technical background in graphic and sound design that gives him a unique perspective on filmmaking. Producing short films, commercials and music videos has given them a strong connection to all departments.

Oddflower’s first short film was screened at HBO’s Outfest, racked up over 3 million trailer views on YouTube, and raised over $10k for LGBTQ+ nonprofit partners through a rental campaign.

Trailer Views 3.3m  |  Runtime 16 min

They’ve since worked on campaigns and collaborations with brands like BetterHelp, Amazon Prime, and Meow Skateboards, creating content for all aspect ratios. If you’re a young millennial on Instagram or TikTok, you’ve definitely seen their ads.

"Who Do You Wanna Be?" :30
Written and directed for BetterHelp.

"Existential" :45
Directed and produced for BetterHelp

"Upload" :10
Directed and produced for Amazon Prime Video

"Weightlifting" :60
Directed and produced for BetterHelp

During the pandemic, Oddflower continued to create – notably, a YouTube short called “Hello, Stranger,” with a poetic script that has since been published as part of the Harper Collins compilation Poems for a Pandemic, a #1 Kindle best seller. Featuring original music by in-house composer collective, Fallen Swan.

"Hello, Stranger"
Written and directed by Oddflower.


Being true multi-hyphenate artists, Oddflower approaches each project with strong aesthetic choices, and a unique relationship to story, music, and style.

Make Me Feel (Teaser)
Original music from the Piece of Cake soundtrack. Proudly introducing: Sophie Ann.

Love You Though
An art-fashion film that explores the messy nature of unshakeable love. Original score by Fallen Swan.

Fever Dream
Digital content produced in collaboration with LIFX and LA-based alt-pop artist ALAENA.

Oddflower is self-represented and booking select future projects.

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